Breakthrough e-scooter

  • S-Circuit

    This is the integration system of e-scooter with your smartphone. Use the navigator while driving and check up all the information about your e-scooter on your phone! A specially designed dock-section on the steering wheel allows you to insert any smartphone and use it safely while driving.

  • S-Handlebar

    A special steering section has been specially designed for EasyRider considering the human anatomic features. It is made in a way that your hands won’t get tired and you could easily keep your balance while driving. S-Handlebar transforms into a convenient handle to carry the e-scooter.

  • S-Drive

    The motor-wheel accelerates the speed of EasyRider up to 30 km/h. The battery allows continuous riding up to 50 km without recharging.

  • S-Fold

    The unique patented folding system makes it possible to fold the e-scooter to the size of the bag in 1 move without any effort.

Sparrow – lightness of life

Light and the most convenient e-scooter for everyday city life.

Product Details


EasyRider in detail
  • S-Handlebar

  • S-Fold

  • S-Circuit

  • S-Drive

  • A standard scooter handle starts to rub your hands between the thumb and the index finger after more than 1-hour drive. While a standard straight steering fork makes your forearms strain much.

    At the same time, the patented shape of S-Handlebar (a special steering section) has been designed for EasyRider considering the human anatomic features. It has a number of advantages over standard handles:

    • It significantly reduces tension in all muscles of your arms
    • It does not rub your hands
    • It improves the body balance and control of the device while driving
    • It allows to use your smartphone safely while driving as it is fixed at a distance of outstretched thumbs

  • To fold the majority of existing scooters one has to make big effort. Besides standard folding systems usually presuppose that one wheel is located on top what can make clothes or walls dirty.

    Our patented folding system S-Fold allows to fold our scooter with just 1 move. In this case, both wheels turn to be below when the scooter is folded preventing the possibility to get dirty. Folded EasyRider is compact and can be kept in a vertical position. So it’s very simple to store and carry our e-scooter.

  • It is very important to be able to use a map while driving an e-scooter as an everyday vehicle in the city. But when driving an ordinary scooter you can not use a map because your hands should constantly be on the steering wheel for safety reasons. S-Circuit System of our e-scooter solves this problem! EasyRider is equipped with a special dock-station for your smartphone that allows you to use a map and navigator. In addition, this model has an integrated USB-interface, which provides phone charging and connection with the e-scooter. Via special application very soon you will be able to see all basic metrics of your EasyRider (speed, distance, battery status), and also quickly get in touch with the service center if necessary.

  • We source motor-wheels for EasyRider from the best suppliers. While we have developed ourselves and manufacture in Russia the battery and the controller, which are a think-tank for the drive unit of EasyRider.

    S-Drive system has two speed regimes:

    1 - «City-mode» with acceleration up to 15 km/h
    2 - «Turbo-mode» with acceleration up to 30 km/h.

Key advantages

  • You are in time

    EasyRider allows you to move around the city quickly, bypassing all traffic jams and road difficulties.

  • You are mobile

    EasyRider works all day on a single charge and has an ability to be recharged quickly

  • You are on the right track

    EasyRider allows you to use maps right during the drive

  • You save energy

    You're not wasting energy on folding or transporting the e-scooter

  • You keep in touch

    EasyRider allows you to safely talk on the phone while driving

  • You are in trend

    EasyRider will suit your look at work as well as during off-hours

  • You look great

    Your clothes and things always keep clean

  • You safe the planet

    You reduce the number of CO2 emissions by using our e-scooter instead of a car

  • You safe space for life

    You use space in ergonomic way thanks to vertical storage of EasyRider

  • You are in good shape

    EasyRider can be used as a kick-scooter. In this mode it regenerates energy which makes the battery recharge.

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